Published Work

As Author

  • Malli

    Malli by Jeeva RaghunathMalli’s uncle and family from the city have come to her village. She wants to take some gifts for them but has only one rupee. However, as she sets off on her way, her little basket slowly fills up…

    This story is about the joy of simple surprises. The exuberant illustrations carry through the feel of rural Tamilnadu with bright colours and strong lines.

  • Gadagada Gudugudu

    Gadagada Gudugudu by Jeeva RaghunathGadagada gudugudu… the marble rolls from one child’s hand to another in exchange each time for something exciting. The story moves in a straightforward childlike way as, one after the other, it reintroduces simple street games endlessly popular with children. Trundling alongside is the rhythmic refrain that fascinatingly echoes the circular movement of the marble.

  • A Vilirunthu Akku Varai

    Tamil alphabet book in simple verse.

  • Kasakasa Parapara

    Tamil tertiary letters in verse

  • Early reader series: Thumb Thumb series

    • Where is Thangi

    • Up Up

  • Panchantantra Series – The Talkative tortoise

    Jeeva Raghunathan, Children's Storyteller from Chennai at Mother Earth near Domlur in Bangalore.

  • Uma’s Secret

    – Co-authored with Sweden’s Marie Oskarsson, illustrated by Kenneth Andersson to be published in Swedish

As Editor

  • Personality Development

    for Asiapac, Singapore

DVD & Audio Tapes

  • Tales from Panchatantra

  • Tales of child devotees

  • Stories from India with Roger Jenkins

    DramaPlus Arts, Singapore.


  • Priya’s Day
  • Why are you afraid to hold my hand?
  • Sunu, Sunu “a storm in the garden”
  • Look at the moon
  • I’m so sleepy
  • Snoring Shanmugam
  • Pavo Kavo
  • Busy busy grand-ant
  • The Village fair
  • Never ending story
  • Lailai the baby elephant
  • The rooster and the sun
  • Help, help
  • Cricket
  • Gift from the sea
  • Up and down
  • What shall I make?
  • Thakitta tharikitta ‘the bouncing ball’
  • Sameer’s house
  • Thumb Thumb Series – 9 to 1
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Mirror
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Flower
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Hello
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Shhh!
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Dark
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Tail
  • Thumb Thumb Series – Strong
  • Yes Hutoxi!
  • Upside Down
  • What did you see?
  • Aana Chena
  • Mallipoo, Where are you?
  • Jalebi Curls
  • Birdywood Buzz
  • Crocodile tears
  • Baby Beboo Bear
  • Rangoli
  • Colour colour Kamini
  • My Mother’s Sari
  • Dancing on walls
  • It’s only a story
  • A silly story of Bondapalli
  • The Lonely King and Queen
  • Mala’s silver anklets
  • The Magic feather