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  • Story clinic

    This has been a very successful programme that I have been running. From amateurs to professional , so many doubts,so many problems, all sorted out brainstorming. Happy to have started this one on one sessions.Indeed an intimate Setting/sitting!!! Thank all for the support in running this programme.

  • The king!

  • Covid19

    It’s everywhere!!!morning to evening ,evening to morning it’s only coronaCorona Corona …Open the FB,Insta,tv,radio…’s coronaCorona Corona!It sure reigns with its crown…but remember this too shall pass…be patient,be positive,be pure in head,heart and hand…dawn is not too far.

  • Kala Ghoda, February 2013, Mumbai

    Kala ghoda 2013 “A Mumbai Mom asking of Jeeva eagerly after she had brought the house down, “Do you do birthday parties?!”- and most of all the books flying off the shelves”. quote Lubaina, children’s lit fest organizer. Yes, I was a part of Kala ghoda 2013, A festival of arts, crafts and music in […]

  • Magic moments of story telling, Galle , Sri Lanka 2012

    Magic moments of story telling at Galle, Sri Lanka. A write up in a Sri Lankan Daily. click to read more…

  • Galle Literary Festival, January 2012, Sri Lanka

    GALLE LITERARY FESTIVAL, 2012, SRI LANKA. Galle, scholars link Galle to the Old testament city of Tharsish to which king Solomon sent his merchant ships to ‘procure gold, silver, ivory, apes and peacocks’ and where Jonah fled from the Lord. However Galle, as it is seen today is declared the world heritage site by UNESCO, […]

  • An eventful November…

    A very eventful month. The work this month started with Singapore, I had to train 70 kids of grade 4 and 5 from Yengzheng primary school and St. Gabriels on storytelling techniques in Tamil language. Noisy boys and girls gathered in the afternoon to tell stories. Some thought it was meant for smaller children and […]

  • Corporate Storytelling at Cognizant, CBE – October 2011

    Cognizant Coimbatore celebrated their 10th year of association with MEDlife their client. HOW? With storytelling. It was a good experience, for over 700 adults of different departments rewound and relived their childhood!   All the participants delightfully enjoyed the half an hour with me, dancing, singing, screaming and telling with me. The always tensed faces […]

  • Malaysian International Storytelling Festival, KL – September 2011

    KL, the first Malaysian International Storytelling Festival (MISF) was a great success. There were local tellers, Mr. Ng Kok and Mama Tok, Mr. Randel Mc Gee from the US, Dr. Wajuppa Tossa from Thailand, Sheila Wee and Roger Jenkins from Singapore and me from India. There was excellent response though it was the first festival. […]

  • Thailand Trip – September 2011 – University of MahaSarakham

    Thailand Trip – University of MahaSarakham. This September was a busy and hectic month for me but very fulfilling and interesting.  I had been to University of Mahasarakham, in the Northeast province in Thailand. I was there for a span of 2 weeks for a series of workshops for the students of the university on […]