Malaysian International Storytelling Festival, KL – September 2011

KL, the first Malaysian International Storytelling Festival (MISF) was a great success. There were local tellers, Mr. Ng Kok and Mama Tok, Mr. Randel Mc Gee from the US, Dr. Wajuppa Tossa from Thailand, Sheila Wee and Roger Jenkins from Singapore and me from India. There was excellent response though it was the first festival.

Some catchy moments:

1. Some Participants wanted to touch and hug me, others took pictures, felt like a super star and I humbly bow down to the power of storytelling.

2. There were many who wanted to buy me lunch, coffee or at least a biscuit. Just goes to show the love and the bondage that stories can achieve.

3. Last but not the least, a wonderful woman who came for my workshop on therapeutic storyteller and gifted me her bead bracelet, the only jewel she had. She said it was very close to her. I think it was indeed a very moving moment. Again and again my thanks are to the lovely stories and the telling that build bridges across the world.






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