The king!






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  1. Malvika Jha

    I attended this clinic for 10 days. Everytime, I was so eager to visit the clinic. I have been ‘telling’ stories since a year. But now after spending 10 days with ma’am, I am prepared for ‘storytelling’. Hence I will enjoy more.
    Your minute details, tips, improvisations and tricks is going to help me a lot. I realised what mistakes I used to do, and thank God! I did those mistakes, otherwise I would have never realised them.

    T” Your voice is your identity, dont change. Be yourself and feel the story while telling it. Tell those stories which are close to your heart. ” Ma’am, all imbibed!

    Thankyou so much Ma’am!! (With folded hands)

    Malvika Jha
    (Your fan, student, follower and a storyteller)

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